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    Aspen Aerogels appoint Trizac as Agent Representative at Abu Dhabi


    We are a proudagentrepresentative for Aspen Aerogels in Abu Dhabi; the relationship means we can provide material supply and technical support for the most efficient industrial insulation products in the world.

    Pyrogel® and Cryogel Z ® insulation has now been widely accepted and adopted as the defacto gold standard when it comes to aerogel technology. These products are currently being used by 24 of the 25 world’s largest refineries. There are many advantages over traditional insulation products for using this technology. Aspen Aerogel Inc. as the market leader has been delivering successful projects using this technology for nearly 20 years with a proven track record. Not all aerogel products are the same and we are pleased to represent Aspen Aerogel Inc.

    Aspen Aerogels is the world-leading manufacturer of aerogel blankets pioneering the development of this technology in the industrial market sector since 2001, culminating in over 80% of market share.

    How should I decide what Aerogel technology is right for me?

    Any good quality aerogel blanket should meet the ASTM 1728 Standard. But a word of caution here,although this is important it does not represent equivalence to Pyrogel® or Cryogel Z ®. ASTM 1728 means that the product has been through a testing regime audited by the manufacturer of the product.It does not mean that it will perform effectively on your site.

    So what else should I look for in addition to ASTM 1728?

    The ultimate test for any industrial insulation product is time in the field and installed base. It is therefore important that you choose products proven in the field and have a substantial installed base. With an installed base of over $1BN, Pyrogel® and Cryogel Z ® are proven in use in the most hazardous and demanding environments. Pyrogel® and Cryogel Z ® are used extensively for thermal insulation but are also used extensively in Passive Fire Protection, Cold Spill Protection and, Acoustic reduction applications.

    Are all Aerogel Products effective against CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)?

    The simple answer isno! Just because the products are an aerogel blanket that meet the ASTM 1728 specificationwithsome supporting Lab testing does not mean it will be effective against CUI in an industrial environment. You should look for supporting evidence such asindependent testing by major operators and case studies for at least a decade or more demonstrating effective CUI mitigation.

    Pyrogel® and Cryogel Z ® havea proven track record for use in the CUI space with numerous case studies to support their use to mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).If you are investing in this technology you should ask for independent testing and case studies and not just lab testing that has been carried out or paid for by the manufacturer.

    Are all Aerogels Blankets the same?

    Most reputable major organizations will not use products that infringe patents. Aspen Aerogels Inc has invested a significant part of its revenue over the years in developing this technology. There have been

    many strides and advancements in the Pyrogel® and Cryogel Z ® productswhich are currently in their 5th Generation.

    Please note Aspen Aerogels, Inc. (NYSE: ASPN) ( “Aspen”) has won its patent infringement lawsuits against a number of aerogel blanket manufacturers.Further details can be found here:

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    At Trizac we are happy to support you in solving your most challenging insulation problems. We have experts available on hand to discuss your requirements and help you with making a technical and commercial evaluation.

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