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    Additive Manufacturing In Oil & Gas


    • Reverse Engineering & Digitization
    • Converting your physical parts into digital forms using Immensa propriety process and solution. Our in- house team of additive manufacturing engineers develop digital twins of your spare parts. AM on-demand produced parts are qualified, tested, and certified when required.
    • On Demand Production – Additive Manufacturing
    • Immensa’s advanced additive manufacturing facilities combined with our global partners help us produce the highest quality parts on demand. We have a wide array of AM technologies at our disposal to manufacture functional parts with both high performance polymers and metals. Our highly qualified team of Engineers ensure that projects are executed with high efficiency throughout the production stages.
    • Digital Inventory Solution (DIS)
    • Immensa’s DIS platform uses advanced Machine Learning technologies to provide a quick and accurate assessment of large amounts of spare parts data by analyzing the technological and economical fit for digitization and 3D printing. Reverse Engineered Parts can be uploaded to the platform either individually or through a mass upload using data from the client’s ERP. Immensa takes the lead to ensure proper training for teams working with Digital Inventory Services. End-to-end Digital Inventory Services (DIS) is based on validation of each step of the digitization workflow enabling regional companies to leverage AM for on-demand production. Rapid economic development while tackling the global climate is the great challenge. AM and DIS make this possible by helping organizations move to local manufacturing.
    • ¡3D printing Metallic Materials
    • We employ Metal 3D printers for our production process and print the materials listed below:
    • Steel Alloys: SS316L, SS17-4PH, Maraging Steel (M300 Tool Steel), SS410
    • Nickel Alloys: Inconel 718 and 625
    • Titanium Alloys: Ti64 Grade 5 and 23 ( Ti-6Al-4V)
    • Aluminium Alloys: AlSi10Mg
    • Cobalt Chromium
    • Duplex Steel
    • Pure Copper
    • 3D printing Non-Metallic Materials
    • For our polymers production there is a large amount of materials ( ex: below):
    • ULTEM 1100, ULTEM 9085, Carbon fibre PEEK, PEKK materials, Polyamide reinforced Aluminium
    • PA12, PA11, PA3200 GF glass-filled, polystyrene, TPU, PLA, ABS, ASA, High Temp Resin

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