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    • Complete Range of Liquid Analyzers for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, chlorine measurement.
    • Exd 5081 Transmitter in oil and Gas
    • Wide range of pH sensors for different applications with SMART Technology.
    • Conductivity sensors from µSiemens- Siemens range
    • Dissolved O2 Measurement from Trace ppb – ppm
    • Free chlorine and Total Chlorine measurement
    • Retractable Assemblies for direct inline measurement.
    • Multi Channel 2 / 3 sensor input option.


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    • Combustion Flue Gas Analyzers Improves the operation of any Combustion Process.
    • Direct Insitu Probe for Oxygen Point Measurement
    • Additional Solution for Combustibles.
    • Probes Available for temperature up to 1400 Deg C
    • Transmitter rated for ambient up to 65 Deg C
    • Probes with various length options available.


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    • Wide range of measurement of different Gases.
    • Upto 5 gas measurement in one single analyzer combining NDIR/ NDUV/Paramagnetic/Thermal conductivity and Electrochemical sensor.
    • Patented IntrinzX photometer Technology.
    • QCL and TDL Measurement using Cascade Analyzers
    • Flameproof enclosure for direct installation in hazardous area.
    • Measurement to low ppm levels in gas streams.
    • Ideal Solution for Hydrogen Purity, Nitrogen Purity and Ethlyene Purity Measurements.
    • Proven Track Record for critical applications


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    • 700XA Process Gas Chromatograph provides extended analysis for extreme Process Conditions
    • Exd Enclosure with single cast enclosure and ambient upto 60 Deg c allows GC to be installed at field under a simple 3 sided shelter.
    • 370XA provides greater use and increased measurement performance for C6+ BTU/CV Analysis
    • Maintenance Module Technology allows replacement of GC Module in Field in less than 2 hours.
    • Local Operator interface with built in Tutorial allows operator to perform tasks without connect of laptop/ computer.


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