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    Ball Valves



    • Available in side entry, top entry and fully welded construction in sizes up to 64 inch and in pressure class up to ANSI 2500 and API 15000.
    • Available for cryogenic, high temperature, HIPPS and subsea applications.
    • Trunnion Mounted ON-OFF ball valves with Specific designs have been developed for HIPPS, SIL3, Sub-sea, Cryogenic, High Temperature, Slurry / Erosive applications.
    • Trunnion Mounted CONTROL ball valves are specifically designed to handle very high flow rates or very high differential pressures our exclusive CAGEBALL™, patented HYPER CAGEBALL™ and HYPER SILENT™ concepts have been integrated with the basic features of our trunnion mounted On-Off ball valves.


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