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    CJL Valves


    PLUG/FLAT Valve

    • CJL have their own R & D team according to market demand and have the ability of independent R & D products
    • The valve design, manufacture and quality control of special materials are leading in China; It can manufacture valves with high pressure resistance (up to 10000psi), high temperature resistance (up to 700 ℃) and low temperature resistance (up to – 196 ℃) to meet various working conditions
    • Product design, material control, manufacturing process and product performance inspection can meet the requirements of shell standard; All kinds of valves produced can meet the prototype test (TAT test) of shell standard
    • The company has three-dimensional inspection capability for valve parts; The non-metallic O ring has antiknock and anti-aging ability.
    • The company has the ability to test the life of the valve, and also has the ability to test the high and low temperature of the valve.


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