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    Cooling Water Treatment


    Cooling Water Treatment

    • Efficient operation of your cooling system is key to your process requirements. Corrosion, Scaling and Microbiological problems associated with cooling water systems can lead to asset erosion, maintenance issues, excessive energy costs, improper efficiencies etc. Poor feed water qualities, water reuse issues etc. can mean further complications, necessitating a qualified treatment programme.
    • AquaChem Cooling Water Treatment Technologies provide superior protection allowing efficient system operations with improved longevity, energy savings and environmental compliance
    • Our Cooling Package includes :
    • Technical Audits
    • Consultancy services
    • Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Technical Services
    • Specialized Laboratory services like Chemical Analysis, Failure analysis, Rig Studies etc.
    • System Inspections & Risk analysis
    • Cooling Automation Packages
    • Chemical Dosing Systems

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