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    • HERNIS develops advanced camera-based surveillance systems mainly for Offshore and oil & gas installations worldwide. Our solutions contribute to increased efficiency and provide safety for people and equipment in hazardous areas and under extreme conditions. HERNIS’ equipment is characterized by low installation and maintenance cost and unrivalled durability.
    • Since HERNIS launched our first CCTV package over 30 years ago, our certified range of EX camera stations have become famous for delivering impeccably year after year on oil & gas installations all over the world securing live video in the most extreme harsh and hazardous areas.
    • We as Trizac have the capabilities to carry out the site survey for coverage study, Design the system, Installation, and commissioning of complete IP based CCTV system. Trizac as well undertakes After sales support and Annual Maintenance Contract for the complete installed CCTV system.
    • The unique technology of upgrading new IP based Cameras available on the existing infrastructure of copper cable and or FO cable and also can retain old existing Analogue cameras. The hybrid system design enable Hernis to retain the combination of new IP and analogue cameras within the Terminal.

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