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    Metering Pumps – Model DOXA/DOXE


    Model DOXA/DOXE


    • These process plunger and diaph­ragm metering pumps having separate hydraulic control line, have been designed toassure the greatest possible reliability in heavy duty work.
    • Continuous adjustment of plunger stroke length, i.e. of capacity from Oto 100%.
    • Plunger stroke length adjustable from Oto 25 mm, or also from0 to 12 mm for low capacity diaphragm pumps and plunger speed from 25 up to 140 strokes/min.


    • Reciprocating plunger and diaphragm process pumps, designed to solve with the highest reliability and precision
    • Continuous capacity control 0 to 100% adjustable with pump.
    • Plunger stroke adjustable from0 up to 70 mm and plunger speed from 25 up to 140 strokes/minute


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