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    Metering Pumps – Model ECODOX / IDRODOX




    • These reciprocating plunger pumps are designed for water treatment and ecology. Manufactured according to API 675 std. and CE marked according to law 89/392.
    • Continuous capacity control, from 0 to 100%, adjustable with pump at rest or in operation. Plunger stroke adjustable from 0 up to 25 mm and plunger speed from 25 up to 140 strokes/min.


    • high efficiency, heavy duty and reliable diaphragm type metering pumps with intermediate hydraulic control circuit.
    • continuous adjustment of piston stroke length, i.e. of capacity.from Oto 100%, while the pump is at rest or running
    • piston stroke length adjustable from0 to 24 mm and metering accuracy better than 1 %within the normal operating range of 10 to 100% of capacity​


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