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    • Size:
    • 1/2” up to 60” all classes
    • Standards:
    • International standards and customer drawing
    • Flanges Type:
      • Welding Neck
      • Slip On
      • Socket Welding
      • Blind, Threaded
      • Lap Joint
      • Orifice flanges
    • Weldoflange, long welding neck, spectacle blind, spade, spacer and drip ring complete our production range.


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    • The huge quantities of raw material and forging and finished
      flanges available in our stock allow us to manage the delivery
      requirements of our customer with extreme flexibility and
    • Here is the approximate inventory of our stock:
      • Raw Materials: 5.500 tons
      • Forgings: 7.300 tons
      • Finished Flanges: 1.600 tons
    • These large stock availabilities, together with a flexible and efficient organization, allow us to provide even the most complex projects in a reasonable short time.
    • Materials List:
      • Carbon steel
      • Low temperature carbon steel
      • High yield carbon steel​
      • Low alloy steel
      • Austenitic stainless steel
      • Duplex & super duplex stainless steel
      • Nickel alloy​
      • Titanium


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    • Automatic Hydraulic Press 120 MN
    • Robotized Machine Press 25 MN
    • Robotized Machine Press 16 MN
    • Hammer M.AS 50 MN
    • Hammer M.AS 16 MN
    • Hammer M.AS 13 MN
    • Forging Press 31.5 MN
    • Ring Roller LAR 200/250
    • The installation of the ring roller LAR 200/250 completed with hydraulic press 3200 tons and 5 tons manipulator completes the range of our equipment.
    • This new investment allow us to produce in an efficient and economic way flanges, rings and forgings up to 3 meters diameter and 5 tons in weight.


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