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    Zinc Chemicals


    Zinc Oxide

    • Zinc oxide is an important inorganic material and widely used in daily life. PCC provides all grades of zinc oxide and R&D service, can provide products on demand .

    Active Zinc Oxide

    • Active zinc oxide is widely used in rubber, catalyst, latex gloves, and special chemicals. PCC provides grades of active zinc oxide to meet different applications requirement. Chemical processed active zinc oxide yields high surface area, which can satisfy the demands of special chemicals.

    Zinc Carbonate (Transparent Zinc Oxide)

    • Zinc carbonate (also called transparent zinc oxide) appears as white crystalline powder without odor. In industrial applications, because of its features like antiseptic properties, fungicide properties, etc., zinc carbonate plays an important role in numerous production such as rubber, pharmaceuticals, even the oil industry.

    Zinc Chloride

    • PCC grades of zinc chloride including solid form, and liquid form. It is applied in galvanizing fluxes, water treatment, batteries, etc.

    Nano Zinc Oxide

    • Nano Zinc Oxide is an inorganic antifungal material, coating on textile is considered as UV blocking and antifungal properties.
    • Nanoparticular zinc oxide is transparent in the visible range of the light spectrum and acts as a physical filter against the UVB and particularly UVA radiation of the sun. It can be applied in cosmetics, coating, plastics, and fabrics.
      We provide powdered nano zinc oxide and zinc oxide dispersion for different processing purposes.

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